PortoBallo, GoofBall, StickBall

PortoBallo, GoofBall, StickBall

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Pawgear, Inc. DBA Paww is no longer in business.

If you are a customer looking for Paww products, all remaining Paww inventory was sold to I Heart Dogs. As of Spring 2018, many Paww items are still available on Amazon. 

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PortoBallo is the wild mushroom ball with a stem that causes the ball to bounce erratically, making it our highest- and longest-bouncing ball. It's also incredibly durable and "chuckable" with a standard ball launcher, making it great for dogs that like to play fetch. PortoBallo isn't just a great ball for the outdoors--when you get home, you can stuff treats inside the stem. Treats will fall out of the ball when it's rolled around and played with (smaller treats come out more easily and larger treats stay in longer). You can also spread things like peanut butter and cream cheese around the recessed treat groove. The groove is carefully positioned so that the ball can roll around without leaving any goop on the floor. All Paww's balls are made from our exclusive, super tough K9Flex® elastomer.



GoofBall is the Paww ball with the zig-zag bounce. The ears not only look funny but also create exciting flight and bouncing that will keep your dog on his or her toes. Little dogs love the GoofBall too, since they can grab onto the ears to get in on the fun. While the GoofBall isn't a tug toy, the ears are just big enough that you can play a little tug of war if your dog doesn't want to "drop it" right away. The GoofBall's mouth is great for dispensing kibble, and you can even put larger treats like chunks of jerky or milkbones in the ears and watch your dog wrestle them out. All Paww's balls are made from our exclusive, super tough K9Flex® elastomer.



StickBall is the ball for dogs who love sticks! The long arms keep the ball from bouncing very much, so it's great in small, space-constrained areas. The long shape gives your dog plenty of purchase to pick it up and run it back to you (some dogs like retrieving it by the ball while others like grabbing the arms). StickBall, like PortoBallo and GoofBall, floats. This makes it a great fetch toy for dogs that love water. StickBall's arms are also ideal for tugging and for stuffing with rewards like broken up milkbones or jerky. All Paww's balls are made from our exclusive, super tough K9Flex® elastomer.



Colors: Blue, orange, & yellow

Size: Tennis-ball-sized

PortoBallo: 2.75 inches (6.985 cm)
GoofBall: 5 inches (12.7 cm)
Stickball: 9 inches (22.86 cm)

PortoBallo: 3.0 oz (85.0g)
GoofBall: 3.7 oz (104.9g)
Stickball: 4.9 oz (138.9g)

Material: Made from our exclusive, super tough K9Flex® elastomer

Floats: Yes



How tough are the Paww balls?
All of the balls are made from our exclusive, super tough K9Flex® elastomer. This is a durable material that is tough yet soft on your dog's mouth. Some users have been using these balls for over a year, and the balls have shown basically no sign of wear.

Is it true that Paww spent over 2 years working on these balls?
Yes. We spent months and months going through various designs. Then we spent a long time working with a US resin company to develop a custom, super-tough, yet soft and buoyant, synthetic rubber. Good things come to those who wait.

Will these balls work with my "Chuckit" ball launcher?
Yes. We spent a while tuning the size of our balls so they can work with popular ball throwers like the Chuckit, Throw-N-Go, Hyper-Pet, and any other thrower that is designed to throw a typical tennis ball.

Why do some dogs go crazy for the unpredictable bounce of these balls?
Dog trainers tell us that the bounce triggers the "prey drive" of certain dogs.

What types of treats can be put on the recessed treat groove of the PortoBallo?
Liverwurst, peanut butter, cream cheese, or other soft, high value treats.

What are the ribs inside the PortoBallo stem for?
These four ridges prevent treats from falling out too easily. This makes the treat dispensing feature a fun challenge for your dog.

What treats can I put in the GoofBall?
The GoofBall has two different options for treats. You can put small pieces of kibble in the mouth, and you can put broken up milkbones or even soft treats like peanut butter or liverwurst in the ears.

Which Paww ball do you recommend for dogs that like to play tug?
We recommend the StickBall! The long arms allow you to tug a little bit with your dog before continuing a game of fetch.  

What kinds of treats do you recommend for the StickBall?
The long arms are great for holding broken up pieces of milkbones or jerky. They're also a great place to spread soft treats like peanut butter or cream cheese--your dog can lick at these messy treats but won't get them all over the floor.