Pick Pocket Pouch

Pick Pocket Pouch

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Introducing the ultimate accessory for rope or webbing leashes! The Pick Pocket Pouch (large size) puts a convenient and civilized pick-up bag holder/dispenser at the ready on any leash. Forget those clunky bag dispensers that bounce all over the place - a universal-fit rear attachment sleeve keeps the pouch in place, no matter how excited your dog is to be out for a walk. An elastic loop at the bottom lets you clip on a carabiner or safety light, or use it to hold the knotted end of your used pick-up bag.


Even better, the Pick Pocket Pouch is now available in a small size, sized to fit on rope or webbing leashes and collars. It's big enough for a couple folded "emergency" pickup bags, a few dollar bills, or a house key, but small enough that it doesn't get in the way when you're out for a walk or run with your dog. ID tags jangling? Put our small pouch on your dog's collar and stash the tags inside - an integrated tether clip makes sure they stay there, even if the pouch opens unexpectedly. Designed to work in conjunction with the larger Pick Pocket Pouch or on its own, so go ahead and customize your ideal setup! Available in five colors to match the Secret Agent Leash and Collar so you can coordinate for extra style points. Responsible dog ownership has never been so easy, or looked so good.



Overall length (total fabric size, not indicative of space inside after stitching):
- Small: 3" (7.6cm); with tag 3.4" (8.6cm)
- Large: 4.75" (12.1cm); with elastic loop and secure Velcro 6" (15.2cm)

Maximum width (total fabric size, not indicative of space inside after stitching):
- Small: 1.625" (4.1cm)
- Large: 2.375" (.9cm)

Materials: High-denier, abrasion-resistant Cordura fabric

- Small: One pocket with ID tag tether
- Large: One pocket for bag holder & dispenser (has dispensing slot on the backside)

Colors (both sizes come in all five colors): Black, Brown, Blue, Red, Orange



What's the difference between the large and small Pick Pocket Pouch (PPP)?
The large PPP has one large pocket that can be used as a bag roll dispenser (there's an exit hole that closes with Velcro on the side of the pouch). It also has an elastic loop that can be used to attach a carabiner, a safety light, or the knotted-end of a used pickup bag. The small PPP has a small pocket that is designed to carry a couple pickup bags, the dog's ID tag (there's a tether within the pocket for ID tags), a key, or a few dollars. The small PPP has been designed to fit securely on a collar or leash.

What leashes does the Pick Pocket Pouch (PPP) work with?
The PPP works with most standard, fixed-length (non-retractable) leashes. Simply slide the leash through the elastic on the back of the PPP. Then attach the Velcro loops through the leash handle to hold the PPP in place.

What types of bags does the PPP work with?
The large PPP works with most standard pickup bag rolls. To use, simply place the roll in the dispenser pouch, feed the free end of the bag roll through the slot on the side of pouch, and then zip the pocket closed. To dispense, simply pull out and tear off one bag at a time. The small PPP can hold a couple folded up plastic bags.

Can the large PPP also store and dispense plastic grocery bags?
Yes. You can stuff grocery bags in the bag roll pocket. Typically, you can store 5~10 grocery bags in the pocket.

Do either of the PPPs come with pickup bags?
No. We only sell the pouch. Users can select their desired pickup bags.

What's the storage pocket for on the small PPP?
The storage pocket has a small tether inside it to securely hold ID tags, even if the zipper to the pouch accidentally opens. This pouch is also great for holding small things like money, a key, or a few spare, folded "emergency" pickup bags.

How would you recommend cleaning the PPP?
We recommend you hand wash your PPP in warm, soapy water, and then let it air dry. Hand-washing and air-drying are easier on fabrics and also more energy efficient than using machines.

What's the elastic loop on the large PPP?
The elastic loop is designed to hold a used pickup bag. Simply tie a knot in the used bag and the push the knot through the loop. Some users attach small clip lights or handy carabiners to the loop.