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The ThrowBowl™ is the best of both worlds. Our design team set out to create the best on-the-go soft bowl ever made. And they did it: splash-resistant, high capacity, and super packable. But that wasn't enough for them. So, they made it convertible to a fantastic flying disc. Simply fold the outer wall in half and -- voila -- airtime! ThrowBowl™ is the fetch toy to grab when you hit the road with a playful dog, a fetch dog, or a good ol' thirsty dog. 



Capacity: 48 fl oz (1.4l)

Diameter: 8.5 in (22cm)

Dry weight: 6.4oz (180g)

 Materials: Made from a super tough elastomer

Cleaning: Hand wash in warm, soapy water



How does this thing work?
We know -- it's a little unexpected. To go from bowl to disc, you just fold the wall in half and work your way around until the entire wall is folded in half (you'll need to kind of "snap" it in place towards the end of the folding). To go from disc to bowl, just peel up the folded wall and unfold it. Once you do it a couple times, it's a cinch.

What's so special about the ThrowBowl? Can't I just use a regular disk as a bowl?
Regular flying discs weren't really designed to be used as bowls. Their low walls mean it's easy for water to spill out, and they don't hold much water to begin with. The ThrowBowl has been designed as both a flying disc and a bowl. In bowl-mode, the side walls are over two times higher than a regular flying disc, meaning it can hold a lot of water, and there's much less chance of spillage. In disc-mode, the ThrowBowl is a great flying disc. It's the best of both worlds, in one product.

What's with the curbed shape of the bowl walls?
We shaped the side walls of the bowl to minimize splash. They're curved inwards so that any moving water gets splashed back to the center of the bowl. For example, let's say you fill it up with some water and put in in the back of your car for the dog to drink from as you're driving. The movement of the car would make a normal bowl spill all over the place; but the curved walls of the ThrowBowl minimize any spillage.

Sometimes my dog has trouble picking a flying disk up if it lands with the open side down. Have you done anything to fix that, smartypants?
Why, yes, we have. We also thought it was sad to see dogs pushing flying discs around with their noses or pawing at them. So, we added what we call GrabRings™ to the top side. These rings give the dog's teeth something to grab on to and makes it easy for them to pick the disc up if it lands open side down.

Can the ThrowBowl be used as a food bowl?
In bowl mode, the ThrowBowl makes a fantastic, low-splash drink bowl for water. We don't recommend it be used with dog foods because oils in the food can compromise the integrity of the rubber over time.

How tough is the ThrowBowl?
Very tough! We did tons of material testing and the special, super tough elastomer we chose is incredibly strong, yet soft and gentle on your dog's mouth.