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TreatToob is a completely new kind of treat dispenser. The challenge with high-value treats like peanut butter, liverwurst, and pureed food is that there's no easy way to take them on the go. The TreatToob changes that. Made of soft yet rugged food-grade silicone, it dispenses virtually any squeeze-able treat. Unscrew the cap and fill it up with your dog's favorite mushy food. Then just flip open the hinged cap and squeeze. Particularly great for training. We love all our products, but something tells us your dog may love TreatToob most of all.



Capacity: 3.0 fl oz (89ml)

Dry weight: 2.0 oz (57g)

Materials: All materials are BPA-free, PC-free, and phthalate-free.
Tube: FDA food-safe silicone
Cap: FDA food-safe #5PP

Collar ID words: P. Butter, Dairy, Meaty, Puree, Mix, & [Blank - user can label]

Tube and collar: Dishwasher safe (top rack only)
Cap: Hand wash in warm, soapy water



A soft tube, really? What would I put in it?
Loads of stuff your dog will love! Dog owners put many different kinds of squeezable treats in the TreatToob like peanut butter, cream cheese, liverwurst, pureed dog food, etc. The TreatToob is the first product that lets you take these otherwise messy treats on-the-go.

Who uses the TreatToob?
Any dog owner that wants to give their dog a treat! The thing is, dogs love soft treats! We've found that the TreatToob is great for training because with a soft treat you're able to command the dog's attention more than other "normal" treats.

How do you fill the TreatToob?
Simply unscrew the cap and pour or spoon in your (or, rather, your dog's) favorite squeezable treat. When it's filled, screw the cap back on, and you're ready to go.

My dog is a little confused by the TreatToob. Is this normal?
Yes! The TreatToob is a new way of giving a dog a treat. So, like most new things, it might take a couple times before they "get it." But, rest assured that once they figure it out they'll be back for more!

What' s the tube made of? Are the materials safe?
The tube is made from FDA food-safe-certified silicone. Silicone is the material used on things like baby bottle nipples and is widely regarded as one of the safest materials in common commercial use. The hard plastic on the TreatToob is #5 Polypropylene, also regarded as one of the safest hard plastics. All materials on the TreatToob are BPA-free, PC-free, and phthalate-free.